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In 2010 the club was able to achieve a goal we have had for many years and buy a club boat for all members to use.

The purchase of this boat was made possible by donations and loans made to the club by a small group of generous and dedicated club members.

The purpose of buying this boat was to make tournament waterskiing accessible to people who are not in a position to outlay $50,000+ on an approved tournament towboat.

The club boat is a 2009 Ski Nautique 196 with the 6 litre engine and Zero Off speed control.

The Ski Nautique is a world record capable towboat.  It has been the benchmark in tournament waterskiing for many years.
It has lovely soft wakes for the 'Die Hard' Slalom skiers, a great trick wake and the 6 litre engine provides enough power for the most demanding world class Jump skiers.

The Club Boat operates with a 'Boat Marshal' and 'Approved Driver' system.

The boat can only be used when an approved Boat Marshal is in attendance.
The boat can only be driven by approved drivers.

The 'Boat Marshal' is wholly responsible for all aspects of club boat usage from the time it is collected from the staorage facility until it is secured stored again after use.

All members can apply to the committee to be approved for either of these roles.  Successful application involves demonstrating your abilily to perform all the tasks and responsibilities involved in performing these roles.

If the club boat is to be used, the Boat Marshal must be publish a notification on the club's online 'Forum' so that all members have the opprtunity to use the club boat whenever it is on the water.

Some members will be well equipped to perform the roles 'Boat Marshal' or 'Boat Driver' and will be approved quickly. Other members may require some additional training before they are approved.

The list of approved 'Boat Marshals' and 'Drivers' and their responsibilities can be found on the clubs online 'Forum'.

The cost of skiing behind the 'Club Boat' for seniors is $20 for your first set of the day and $15 for subsequent sets.
The cost for juniors under the age of 14 is $15 for the first set and $10 for subsequent sets.

A set consists of 10 minutes on the water.
The 10 minutes starts from when the previous skier and boat are clear of the course.

Members can choose to use their 10 minutes however they please.

If operated efficiently, 10 minutes is sufficient time for 6 passes of the slalom course or 5 attempts at the ski jump.  If skiers choose to have longer drops at the end of each pass they may not be able to complete 6 passes or 5 jumps in their alloted 10 minutes.

The club boat is also available for trick skiing and social skiing with the same 10 minute limit.

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