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Latrobe Valley Water Ski Club Rules
For the 2016 / 2017 season.

Latrobe City Council grants our club the privilege of exclusive use of Halls Bay.
In order to continue to be granted this privilege, members must conduct themselves in a courteous and responsible manner at all times.  This includes when we are using the club facilities, when we are interacting with other lake users and when we are out and about in the local community.
Our club is a family club and members must behave appropriately at all times.
Coarse and inappropriate language or behaviour in the presence of children is not acceptable.

Exclusive use periods.
  • We have been granted Exclusive use of Halls Bay at set times Between October 1st and April 30th.
  • Exclusive use times are from sunrise until 6pm on weekends, public holidays and all Wednesdays from midday until sunset.
  • Only current financial members and approved visitors may use Halls Bay during these times.
  • To have exclusive use we must have the floating boom in place as well as the 2 red flags.
The floating boom must be removed at 6pm.  If the boom is still in place after 6:10pm we are subject to a possible fine from the council and may be denied exclusive use in the future.
Five types of memberships are available:
  • Senior members - aged 18 years and over.
  • Junior members - aged under 18 years.
  • Family members - 2 Adults and all children under 18 years.
  • Student Membership - Full time students over 18 years and not working full time.
  • Non-skiing Social Members - Aimed at parents who do not ski but would like to be able to drive a boat during the club's 'Exclusive Use' times.
Only Senior and Family members have voting rights at General Meetings.
  • All Senior and Family members must pay an initial Joining Fee.
The joining fee is currently set at  $400.
  • All members must have paid an annual Membership Fee.
Currently these fees are:     
  • Senior members                                   $400
  • Junior members                                   $175
  • Family members                                  $700
  • Student members                                $175
  • Non Skiing Social Members               $25
  • All members must attend at least 2 HALF DAY working bees or register themselves, or a proxy, as an official worker at a tournament hosted by the club each season.  Members who do not fulfil this obligation will have a $250 levy added to their membership renewal in the following season.
  • All boats used during exclusive use periods must be registered and insured with a minimum of $10 million water skier’s liability. Proof of this must be provided to the Membership officer.
  • All boat drivers must be current club members and be licensed. Proof of this must be provided to the Membership officer.
  • Boat drivers and skiers must comply with Victorian Marine Safety Laws at all times.  Drivers please remember that legally, you are responsible for the safety of the skier you are towing.  Please follow the link below for a copy of the current regulations.
Victorian Recreational Boating Safety Handbook
Memberships will only be considered current when:
  • An up to date Membership Renewal Form has been submitted.
  • Scanned copies of licence, registration and insurance documentation have been received by the Membership Officer.
  • All fees have been verified by the Treasurer.
  • Membership must be continuous. If you do not rejoin for a period you will need to pays membership arrears or a new pro – rata joining fee.
If you plan on not rejoining for a specified period of time due to special circumstance, you may advise the committee at the start of this period to avoid a rejoining fee upon your return to the club.
Missing one year without notice attracts no penalty.
Missing 2 years attracts a re-joining fee of $200.
Missing 3 years attracts a re-joining fee of $300.
Missing 4 years or more will attract a full Joining Fee of $400.
  • All members must register on the club’s Online Forum.
This is where all important club information will be published. From time to time it may be necessary to make new rules or modify existing rules and procedures.  These changes will be published on the forum and it is the member’s responsibility to know and abide by all club rules.
Go to the Online Forum  using the following link


Ski sets.
  • Skiing activities may include Slalom, Jump, Trick, Ski Disk, Kneeboard, Wakeboard, Barefoot, Free Skiing, etc.
  • Members using a trick ski, ski disk, kneeboard or wakeboard are encouraged to use the back lake but may use the front lake if they wish.
  • If you use your time efficiently you can complete 6 passes of the Slalom Course or make 5 attempts at the Jump.
  • If you choose to stop after every pass for coaching or rest you will most likely only complete 4 slalom passes during your allocated 10 minutes.
  • Skiers must start from the Start Dock , not the Boat Dock.
  • Alternatively, if you are using a different boat from the previous skier you may be waiting in the boat at the northern (clubhouse end) end of the lake ready to start as soon as the previous skier and boat are clear of the course.
  • Learners who need assistance in the water and Sub Juniors are the only exception and may start from the Boat Dock.
            The 3 underlying rules with regards to ski sets are as follows:
  • The duration of ski sets is 10 minutes and starts from when the previous skier and boat is clear of the course.
  • You may use your 10 minutes however you choose.
  • All skiers must start their set from the Skiers Start Dock, not the Boat Dock.

Skiers list
The front lake is operated using a skiers list.
The basic rules for the operation off the list are as follows:
  • When you arrive, you place your name BEFORE the skier who is currently on the water.
  • You may not add, move or remove anyone else’s name from the list.
  • If you plan on missing your turn you must inform the person skiing after you or the Ski List Coordinator for the day.
  • If you are not ready and waiting on the Start Dock or ready in a boat at the north end of the lake when the previous skier finishes, you may forfeit your turn.

Slalom Course.
  • The Slalom Course must be adjusted at the start of each day as necessary.
  • At the end of the day the Slalom Course must be loosened if the water level is
  • rising.  Failure to do this often results in the course becoming partially or fully submerged during the week and subsequently damaged by boats during non-exclusive use periods.
  • Course buoys stored in the ‘Tournament Only’ section of the storage area should not be used other than for tournaments and special events.

If there are not enough ‘used’ buoys available please notify a committee member so replacements can be arranged.

Ski jump.
  • The jump ramp should be set at 1.5 metres for the majority of the time.
  • If you adjust the ramp to a different height, you must reset it to 1.5 metres when you are finished your set if necessary or at the end of the day if you are the only member using the ramp on that particular day.
  • The last jump skier for the day must also ensure that the jump barrier is fitted and locked before they leave.

Driving Paths.
  • Drivers should complete the turn at the southern end of the course before the end of the breakwater.
This is particularly important when the back lake is in use to avoid sending    rollers into the back lake.
  • At the end of a Slalom or Jump set the driver should idle to the far side of the lake, directly opposite the Boat Dock, immediately after releasing the skier.
Once the next skier has entered the course, the boat should then idle across to the dock without leaving a wake.
  • Boats wishing to go to the back lake should do so between ski sets on the front lake and without a skier in tow.

The driver should advise the skier currently waiting at the Start Dock of their intention.
  • It is permissible to make your way to the back lake during a ski set by following a skier through the slalom course at a distance that will not distract the skier currently in the course and will allow the boat to EASILY avoid a fallen skier ahead.

Clubhouse and kitchen.
  • All members are responsible for the cleaning and upkeep of the clubhouse.
  • Crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils must be washed, dried and stored immediately after use.
  • The BBQ must be cleaned after use and a committee member notified if the gas bottle is almost empty.
  • Canteen supplies in the ‘Club Fridge’ are paid for on an honesty system.
  • The second fridge is for members to store food and drinks while they are at the club.
  • Food takes priority over drinks as far as fridge space is concerned.
  • All members food must be removed from the fridge when they leave.
  • Food left in the fridge will be thrown away.

Staying overnight in the clubhouse.
  • On ‘Tournament’ weekends, overnight stays in the clubhouse are not permitted.
  • Overnight stays in the upstairs area of the clubhouse at any other time are permitted.
  • All personal belongings and bedding must be removed from the upstairs area before 9am.
  • For the purpose of conserving our limited and expensive water supply, showers should be kept to 3 minutes.

Club Keys
  • Members may be issued with a key to general clubhouse facilities after 1 year of membership.
  • If you would like a key you must make a request to the Membership Officer or a Committee Member.
  • A refundable deposit of $50 is required for each key.

Clubhouse Departure Checklist.
Below is a list of all the items which must be checked by the last member leaving the club each day.
If you are the last member to leave you MUST check ALL of these items.
Some of these items may have been unlocked or switched on by someone else without you knowing.
Even if you didn’t unlock them or switch them on, they all need to be checked by the last member leaving the club.
  • Both containers locked with the concealed padlocks.
  • Balcony sliding door locked and chocked with timber.
  • Upstairs back door secured at base and locked with padlock
  • Clubhouse front doors locked with concealed padlock.
  • Clubhouse gate locked.
  • Gate to grassed foreshore area locked with concealed padlock.
  • All canteen appliances switched off except for the 2 main fridges.
  • Canteen shutters lowered and secured
  • Canteen door closed.
  • All ski gear stored out of sight.
  • ALL lights turned off. This includes switches at balcony sliding door and back door upstairs.
  • Upstairs fridge emptied and switched off.
  • Jump pump and main water pump switched off under stairs.
  • Hot water service and oven switched off at the fuse box.
  • Clubhouse Rubbish bin emptied.

  • Floating boom retracted and red flags removed.
  • Clothes line stored inside clubhouse.
  • Jump safety sign fitted and locked at both ends.
  • Chain locked on jump screw jacks.
  • Jump keys left hanging in kitchen.
  • Slalom buoys left loose if water is rising.
 Visitor Policy.
  • Members are allowed to bring 2 skiing visitors per season.
  • This means 2 visitors on the same day or 1 visitor on each of 2 separate days.
  • Visitors must be approved by the committee before they visit.
  • Each visitor must pay the $25 day membership fee and fill out the visitors
Form before skiing.
  • The hosting member is responsible for the conduct of their visitor and for making sure the form is filled out and the $25 is paid prior to the visitor skiing.  Payment may be made to any committee member or Boat Marshal.
  • The club tries not to distribute members email addresses for privacy reasons but occasionally you may receive an email communication that contains members email addresses.
  • These email addresses should be considered private and not used for unsolicited email.
Emails to the general membership or emails representing the club without the approval of the committee are not permitted.
Car and trailer parking.
  • Cars must not be parked on the front lawn or anywhere lower than the front wall of the clubhouse.
  • During busy periods, trailers should be parked in the main car park.
  • During ‘major events’, the area behind the clubhouse will be available for vehicles used in the running of the event only.
Club Boat.
  • The Club Boat can only be used when an approved ‘Boat Marshal’ is present.
  • Only Drivers on the ‘Approved Club Boat Drivers List’ may drive the club boat.
  • Intended use of the Club Boat must be published on the LVWSC Online Forum no less than 12 hours prior to use so all members have the opportunity to use the boat whenever it is in the water.
  • The Club Boat receives parking priority at the Boat Dock.
  • Ski set fees must be paid to the Boat Marshal on the day of skiing.
  • Ski set costs are as follows:
6 pass sets:
            1st set of the day                     $20
            2nd and subsequent sets           $15
            Juniors under 14 years            $10
4 pass sets
            1st set of the day                     $15
            2nd and subsequent sets           $10
  • No work on the Club Boat shall be carried out or attempted without contacting the Club Boat Maintenance Officers. (Ray Smith 0419 505 254 or Mark Macdonald 0408 812 720)
  • Full rules relating to the club boat are available in the Club Boat section of the online forum.   
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