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The Latrobe Valley Water Ski Club offers five types of memberships:

1. Family Membership.  (Includes 2 adults and children under18 years.)
2. Senior Single Membership.
3. Junior Membership.  Ages 17 years and under.
4. Student Membership. Young adults over 18 years who are still Full Time Students.
5. Non-Skiing Social Membership.

Club fees consist of an Annual Membership Fee and an initial Joining Fee.

The club is run by entirely by volunteers. Members are needed to help out at tournaments, working bees or fundraising events.  Members who don't help out on at least 2 occasions per year will be charged an additional Maintenance Levy when they renew their membership for the following season.

These fees are outlined below.

Annual Membership Fee

1. Families $700
2. Singles $400
3. Juniors $175
4. Students $175
5. Non-Skiing Social Membership   $25  (see notes below)

Joining Fee

The joining fee is only payable once and was introduced to enable members to make a contribution towards the assets and facilities that have been established and developed over many years by past members.

The joining fees for all new memberships is $400

As part of a Membership Drive, the club are currently offering a half priced joining fee of $200 for the first 10 new memberships this season.

Junior , Student and Non-Skiing Social members do not pay a joining fee until they upgrade to a full Senior membership.

Juniors who have previously been part of a Family membership do not need to pay a joining fee when they upgrade to a full Senior membership.

Annual Maintenance Levy

Throughout the year, the club needs assistance from members to:

    Set up and run tournaments.
    Carry out vital maintenance work on club assets at working bees.
    Help raise much needed revenue at fundraising activities.

All members are required to contribute by attending any of these activities for at least two half days.

Members who do not contribute by attending these activities will have a maintenance levy of  $250 added to the following seasons membership renewal..

There will ample opprotunity for members to attand these events with tournaments in summer and working bees and fundraising activities arranged all year round.
Dates will be added to the Calendar page shortly.

We cannot run tournaments or maintain the club facilities without workers.
To avoid ever paying this levy, all you have to do is help out for 2 half days per year.

To apply for a new membership please complete the

New Membership Application

Existing members will receive a link to the Renewal Form when they
receive their invoice.

For further information contact the Membership Officer,
Macdonald, by email at
or by
telephone on 0408 812 720.

The Non-Skiing Social Membership is aimed at family and friends who do not ski but would like to be able to drive a members boat.
Only boats owned by full members can be operated in Hall's Bay during exclusive use periods.
Non Skiing Social Members can drive the Club Boat by applying to the Committee and completing the same approval process as all members.

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