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Only one boat operates on each lake at a time so members can ski enjoy the best possible water conditions in a safe environment.

A 'Skier List' is operated on the front lake to ensure fairness, efficiency and maximum use of the lakes during our 'exclusive use' periods.

When it's your turn to ski, you have the lake all to yourself for 10 minutes to use however you choose.

This applies to all members whether skiing behind the 'Club Boat' or their own boat.

If operated efficiently, 10 minutes is sufficient time for 6 passes of the slalom course or 5 attempts at the ski jump.  If skiers choose to have extended rest period at the end of each pass they may not be able to complete 6 passes or 5 jumps in their alloted 10 minutes.

The back lake is generally not in such high demand and normally operates without a 'Skiers List'. If you are attempting to master a new discipline such as getting up on a Slalom ski for the first time or trying to perfect a new trick you may find it beneficial to do that on the back lake where there isn't the pressure of 10 minute time limit.  You can often ski on the back lake for extended periods of time but members are expected to show respect for each other and work together to ensure everyone gets a fair go.

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